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Sunday, January 21, 2007

He is in!

Well, it is official. He announced today. I am so siked. Please refer to my why Maine needs Richardson post for why he is the best.

That being said, he has promised to outwork anybody. Richardson excels in retail politics -- meeting people, shaking hands, parades, all of those things we expect from our politicians here in Maine. It is great for people elected by the people to like people. And he really likes people. Plus he is a positive person. I agree with his analysis that the focus should be on what the candidate can accomplish and not on ripping apart opponents. I especially agree on that approach during primaries. There is no need for allies to tearing down each other.

He is a negotiator. He has negotiated successfully with some of the most fierce people in the world. When he talks of a diplomatic solution in Iraq, he is the one who could actually do it. As he said about diplomacy and energy and working within a balanced budget, etc.; a lot of people talk about these issues, but he has actually done it.

So, the campaign is real now. Let's start working!


StraightShooter1 said...

We might not agree on everything, but Richardson is the only Democrat I could begin to stomach for President. Hillary is too radically Liberal for my taste. At least Richardson won't be raving about banning and registering guns, and signed the concealed weapons permit system into law. He seems like a nice guy, and a friend to peoples' rights.

Even considering registering as a Democrat so I can vote in the primary. Neither McCain or Guiliani do anything for me. I think we could use a man like Richardson.

mahoneyre said...

Well, I have been keeping my eye on Bill Richardson for a while and the Darfur stuff really opened em up. His piece on Hardball the other night won me over. I will not favor one candidate over another on a one issue base like gun control but rather as a what is best for the most position. There has been way too much special interest rather than broad interest politics.

He is very well qualified and more than prepared for the job. Let's hope he can get through the "early rounds."

Anonymous said...

I'm a registered Republican, however, the more I learn about Governor Richardson, the more I realize that he is the best person for the job of President. America needs Bill Richardson!

Anonymous said...

I'm a Maine independent but a huge Richardson fan. He has diplomatic skills and skills running a large organization that none of the Democratic front runners have. Neither Obama or Edwards have a chance as you MUST have solid experience running a large organization to be elected President. So that makes it Richardson versus Hillary essentially for the Democratic nomination, plus maybe Gore if he decides to run. The media will of course say anything to get attention so I would heavily discount the Hillary-Obama-Edwards mentality that is currently all the media is talking about.

For those unaware Richardson has been Secretary of Energy in the Clinton administration as well as UN Ambassador. His diplomatic relations with the North Koreans are better probably than anyone in the Bush administration - because they trust him. I saw him interviewed on the PBS "Charlie Rose" program about a year ago.

However Richardson has some serious problems. #1 is understanding that his views on immigration, coming from a border state, are much different than most of the US. McCain has the same problem. #2 is his weight - a President must look physically fit, not like someone who is going to die early because they are so obese! People are VERY AWARE of that in northern states like NH where they take their outdoor heritage very seriously.

So if I were Bill Richardson I would remain flexible on immigration and IMMEDIATELY get on a diet! A year from now diplomatic skills could be a key issue sought in a Presidential candidate.

Anonymous said...

What does it say about Bill Richardson’s quest that he refuses to address his role (via the WMP PAC, of which he is a leading member, which pressured the NDP to give the contract to FOX) in pressuring the Nevada Democratic party to contract the nation’s first democratic presidential debate, to FOX News? Late on Friday, one half hour after Nevadan democrats announced it was cancelling the debate, Richardson suddenly announced that he was rescinding his confirmation to attend the debate. He also stated that he would refuse to discuss the matter further. A rather strange statement, given the popularity of the protest among democrats across the country to have FOX removed as the network controlling the debate.

There is a conflict of interest here. Richardson, as a candidate, never should have been involved in the process of deal making with a news network involving a debate in which he would be a participent, most especially one of the most important ones. It discredits the process, and gives voice to certain facts Richardson also finds inconvenient, for example, FOX doesn’t attack Richardson the way they do Barack Obama, John Edwards or Hillary Clinton. In fact FOX was the right wing’s weapon of choice in the false attacks against Bill Clinton. We are also aware of the fact that FOX serves the interest of the US Chamber of Commerce, and corporations that have sought to profit from seling our country out from under us, and who seek continued influence over and control over our government. Could they have sought to collude with Richardson, promising that they would marginalize his competitors in his favor?

FOX also makes excuses for and covers up for the Bush administration and corporations that have neglected our troops and sought to increase their wealth at their expense. Just who is Richardson representing?

I no longer trust or respect Richardon as a democratic leader, he is showing us why he does not deserve to have our faith placed in him.

I don't have an account at blogger, so I have to use the designation anonymous.

Jenny Perry

Anonymous said...

Here's an Iowacaucus.com piece on Richardson in Cedar Rapids Friday:


Anonymous said...

Oops. Try this:


Anonymous said...

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Joaquin said...

Hi, could you email me at jguerra@richardsonforpresident.com?