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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Prez on the Rez

Most of you probably missed this, but on Thursday, there was a presidential forum which received little press. That forum was the Prez on the Rez debate. Why so little press? Two reasons: 1) On the whole, the press really doesn't care about Native American issues. and 2)apparently, most of the candidates aren't all that concerned about Native American issues either -- or at least they aren't too concerned about Native American votes.Three candidates bothered to appear: Richardson, Kucinich, and Gravel. Honestly, I am kind of surprised that so few attended (though not surprised that Richardson was the first to agree to come). I would think that anyone who wanted to talk about issues such as poverty, racism, and discrimination would want to appear at this forum.

Coverage of Prez on the Rez can be found here, here, and a press release from Richardson on the forum is here.

Friday, August 17, 2007

jobs and the economy

Yesterday, Richardson unveiled his plan for strengthening our economy and creating good jobs. I urge everyone to read the plan in its entirety. Here I will only comment on some of the highlights.

In regard to taxes, Richardson plans to repeal the Bush tax cut to the uber-rich. He will extend tax credits to those companies which offer high paying jobs as well as those that employ folks in rural areas (very important for us in Maine). He also wants to end the Alternative Minimum Tax which so adversely effects many middle class families. What I find very exciting is that he wants to slash corporate welfare!

Now, those tax changes will help create jobs. But Richardson also wants to tie the minimum wage to inflation. This way, we won't have a lull of a decade plus before the minimum wage is increased again. What a great common sense solution!

He wants to make it easier for working people to organize and punish companies who try to crush budding unions!

He plans on giving incentives for green building. Again, this is huge in a number of ways. It is environmentally responsible, energy responsible, and will create more jobs.

He plans to hire 100,000 new math and science teachers -- who will fall under his teacher minimum wage.

I know many don't think that job plans are all that exciting, but please, read the plan. This will be great for all of us.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Richardson's LGBT Record

The discussion over last week's Logo/ HRC debate continues. I wanted to pass along some thoughts of my own as well as a statement Barney Frank released today.

Rep. Frank's first:

Governor Bill Richardson's apology for the mistake he made in saying that sexual orientation is a choice did not surprise me, because he has been a strong supporter of our right to be treated fairly throughout his public career. It is especially relevant that he voted consistently on our side from the start of his Congressional career in the 1980s, when the issue of LGBT rights had far less support even from Democrats that it has today. I regret Gov. Richardson's misstatement - as I sometimes regret one or two of my own - but his error in the pressure of a debate should not detract from his very strong record in defense of equality for all Americans, including those of us who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

As for my thoughts... I too think that Richardson's record is terrific. I prefer to judge someone based on their actions -- and his actions have been outstanding. He has fought tirelessly to end discrimination. As for the question/misstatement, many don't think about the how and why sexual orientation develops the way it does. Many don't analyze why we fall in love with who we fall in love with. We just fall in love with certain individuals -- no explanation needed. (It is especially true that people who are both straight and in healthy relationships rarely analyze why/how they fell in love with their partners.) The important thing (regardless of how it happens) is not to discriminate on that basis.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Richardson in the Harvard International Review

For those who are interested in foreign policy (and who isn't?), Bill Richardson has a really good article in the Harvard International Review, "A New Realism". In this article, he discusses 6 new trends: jihadism, the sophistication of international crime networks, the rise in Asian economic and military power, the reemerging importance of Russia, global economic interdependence, and the globalization of health, environmental, and social crises. In the article, Richardson then outlines how he feels these issues need to be addressed. I highly recommend reading the article!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Today is Bill Richardson and Barbara Flavin Richardson's 35th Anniversary! Happy Anniversary!

According to the press release:

"Barbara and I have been together since we were teenagers," said Governor Bill Richardson. "We have practically grown up together. Over the past 35 years Barbara has been my wife, best friend and my number one advisor. She has stood by my side through it all and on this special day I thank her for her love and devotion. Truly, there is no luckier man. Barbara here's to another beautiful 35 years."

Bill and Barbara first met when Bill was a senior at Middlesex High School in Concord, MA. It all began one afternoon in downtown Concord, MA when Barbara asked Bill if he needed a ride back to school. They immediately began dating and since then have been a couple.

Please join me in offering the happy couple an anniversary gift. It would be wonderful if you would donate $35 to the campaign for their 35th anniversary. If you can't afford $35, any gift will be happily accepted, I am sure.

Lobster Festival Parade and another Debate

Saturday morning, Rockland held the 60th annual Lobster Festival Parade. This is a big deal for us in Rockland, Maine. It is a big deal for people not in Rockland too. The parade averages over 25,000 spectators. This year, the Democrats had a large showing, with several of us carrying Bill Richardson signs. My goal is that next year, there will be many, many more Bill Richardson signs! Anyway, it was a beautiful morning and a lot of fun.

Now, other politics. Tomorrow, there will be the AFL-CIO debate from 7-8:30 EST. It will be broadcast live nationally on MSNBC and XM Satellite Radio. Governor Richardson has a strong record on labor issues and other concerns facing working America. Tune in and see shat he and the others have to say!