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Friday, July 27, 2007

Richardson and Native American affairs

There is a great article in today's Indian Country, "'Big Three' can learn much from Richardson". In it, the editors note that Bill Richardson already has a strong track record on Native American affairs, including government to government relations. He is proposing to have a cabinet level secretary of Indian Affairs. As they write:
Given his record, this is less lip service than intention. In 2005 he appointed Jemez Pueblo native Benny Shendo Jr. as New Mexico's first secretary of Indian Affairs. It is the only state in the country that has a cabinet secretary and a department of Indian Affairs. Spoken commitment followed by action is the key to winning the increasingly critical Native vote.

The article continues by pointing out that while Clinton, Obama, and Edwards are courting the Native American vote, none of them are planning on attending the Prez on the Rez debate.

It is important to note that while the leading candidates are reaching out to Indian country as campaign strategy, they will not appear at what may be the only forum focused solely on Indian issues. Prez on the Rez, an event sponsored by the Indigenous Democratic Network (INDN's List), is slated for Aug. 23 at the Morongo reservation in southern California. The forum places Democratic candidates squarely before Indian people to address their concerns. It is the first such forum to be held in Indian country, and leaders of all federally recognized tribes have been invited. The chance afforded to nearly every other group in America has finally materialized for Indian people. Not surprisingly, Richardson was the first to accept the invitation. Unfortunately, the ''Big Three'' won't attend due to scheduling conflicts. It is too bad. Each could benefit from the example set by Richardson, and by experiencing firsthand the strength of Indian leadership and the challenges they face in their communities.
Once again, Bill Richardson stands out on issues important to the country, and to Maine.

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