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Friday, June 29, 2007

Please Give Now

The end of the fundraising quarter is tomorrow. Let's give Richardson a strong showing! Click on the ActBlue donation button on the top left corner of this blog to give a donation to Richardson's campaign. Any amount will help.

I also want to mention some of the highlights from last night's debate. The Governor did a great job in this first really fair debate (all candidates were given equal time). One of my favorite comments was, "This is the first time we've talked about education at any debate. The first thing you hear is -- how are we going to pay for it? No one asks how we're going to pay for the war." This is so true with any domestic program. People gripe and worry about the cost. But when it comes to a war, we are, for the most part, silent in regard to the cost. However, social programs such as education are investments which really will pay off in the long run. War rarely does.

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