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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

National Review Article and more

I'm not a big National Review reader, but this morning, I stumbled across this article about Bill Richardson: Another Gov. Bill to the White House, Could Richardson do It?

It is quite positive for a conservative publication. It highlights some of the wonderful things about Bill Richardson, and minimizes some of the criticisms. It begins:
If there were a presidential candidate available who had deep experience in both state and federal government, the executive and legislative branch, and foreign and domestic affairs, would he be rated among the top of the field? How about if the same candidate had the retail political skills to match his policy experience and came from a bellwether state in a battleground part of the country? And what if this person had the sort of national contacts that are a must to raise the significant sums necessary for a run for the White House.

And did we mention he’s part of the nation’s fastest-growing ethnic group, is bilingual, and has a record of getting crossover votes?
Yeah, he is wonderful! To add to all of his great qualities, he is also not candidate bashing. See this short bit in the Boston Globe. That article says:

In an interview with the Globe, Richardson said it would be good if Senator Barack Obama joined the presidential race. Even though it might hurt his own chances to be the nominee, Richardson said an Obama campaign would bring in new voters.

“I am not among those praying he doesn’t get in,” Richardson said. “He brings a measure of excitement that is really good for us as a party, and I think the party needs a free-spirited primary.”

Personally, I agree. I think that it is better to have a large field with enthusiastic supporters who argue why our candidate is the best as opposed to a nasty, bloody campaign where everyone ends up bruised before we get to the general election. Of course, I think that Richardson is the best candidate -- and ought to run, win the primary, and take back the White House!

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